Wouter Verhoeven

Filmmaker Wouter Verhoeven met David (jungle Bolivia)

The loving Heart is a testament of what I have seen in the world between 1999 until 2010. During intense film assignments of four to six weeks I mostly stayed with poor people in developing countries. I experienced their hospitality, saw their vitality, hope and love, but I was also deeply touched by big differences and injustice.

In Ecuador I saw a child dying at home in his bed. His parents didn’t have money for surgery, whereas a bit further in the same country an American multinational is taking oil out of the jungle. The wealth is there, but how is it divided?

Muhammad Yunus says in the film: “All human beings are born with unlimited potentials. But it is the society that decides who gets chances. And who doesn’t.”

We are ourselves the society. We can ourselves change this situation. I believe in a world without poverty. I believe in creating communion through film. The moving picture creates consciousness and connection. With The Loving Heart I want to open eyes and hearts.

Do you also think this is important? Then join in! In unity lies our true happiness. Together we can shape the world as we like. A world without poverty is really possible.

Wouter Verhoeven

Below you find a Dutch spoken interview I had in november 2012 at Broadcasting Corporation Max: