Personal, sincere and honest are the words that go with this film. Gerrit van Hoven, Brabants Dagblad
A masterpiece that evokes pain and lots of love. It grazes, affects, endears and incites to action. Maral Nijenhuis en Monique Willemsen
‘Terribly’ impressive film! Alexa Pijnenburg
So beautiful, so impressive, so full of contrasts, hope and despair. A spectator
On all fronts a beauty! Content, emotion, cinematographically splendid and expressive pictures. I am speechless. Astrid Abels
What an unbelievable penetrating document! Maarten Kersten
I am moved by the purity. Birgit Smits
A very gripping and beautiful film. Hard as well as beautifully sweet. Amazing that this can come together in this way. Rian Luijten
Beautiful, compelling film, but terrible as for content. Tijd voor Max