New film project

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Who are we

Are we an anxious beast of prey or a spiritual human being?

One third of the world population is living in poverty, Mother Earth is mutilated, destroyed and exhausted. Jungles are cut down, oceans have been fished too much, the climate is drifting, the African Subsahara population grows from 1 to 2 billion inhabitants, of whom – as has shown a survey – 35% will be coming to Europe. Brazil is on the verge of building the gigantic Belo Monte Dam, that will destroy the life and habitat of a lot of American Indians. People from China and India buy up vast farmlands in Africa, in order to grow food for the billions of mouths and stomachs at home and for the world market.

In 2050 we will live here on earth together with 10 billion persons, even though some will perhaps emigrate to Mars in between. Not only will oil and gas be scarce at that time, food, pure water, fertile farmland too.

The big question for the near future is: can we learn to live, balancing with nature and with our fellowman, or will the urge for material survival, pushed up by future scarcity, only increase until we are going to eat each other like rats do during a plague, inclusive lack of space and food?

My new film Who are we is about this impending perspective. Are we an anxious beast of prey or a spiritual human being? The aim is to make a film that has the wake-up effect like Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth, but then told in a very visual way and seen from ‘small’ persons who are directly touched by the global developments that hurtle along.

All suggestions for fundraising or co-production of this project are very welcome.