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I believe in a world in which the opportunities for development are divided more equally. I believe in a world without poverty. Film can be of great help. Film can create consciousness and community by opening eyes and hearts. Each spectator is important. Each small stone pulls its weight.
When you also believe in this, then help distribute the film. Present it in your neighbourhood. Show it at your school. Like and share it on Facebook. Or buy it on DVD. Thus The Loving Heart will spread literally.

The film on DVD

  • The Loving Heart, film length 71 minutes, English subtitles: 19.50 euro
  • The Loving Heart, film length 37 minutes, English subtitles: 17.00 euro (educational version)

These prices include VAT and shipment costs.
You can order the film through the contact form on this website. Please indicate which film length you want (71 or 37 minutes). After your order I will send an invoice. After receiving the money the DVD will be shipped to you.
For presentations of the filmmaker at your school, you can get in contact through the contact page.


Let us create together a more humane world, paying heed to all fellowmen and Mother Earth. You too can contribute! All  revenues generated by The Loving Heart will go to the new film project Who are we.