Short film description
The Loving Heart is a nerve-racking, exciting and confrontational journey. It shows the world in a way you never have seen before. We travel to the highlands of the Andes, the inland parts of Tanzania, the jungle of Bolivia, the slums of Mumbai, Nairobi and Lima. The spectator will witness the lives of the main characters who are living in an everyday poverty. Little by little we discover that in each human being, rich or poor, lies a great potential.

The film has been recorded between 1999 and 2010 in ten countries on four continents. Filmlength 71 minutes. In particular for the use in education there is an abridged version of 37 minutes.

a film by Wouter Verhoeven                                                                           

Credits                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      film direction, script, cinematography, editing: Wouter Verhoeven / cinematography and editing advice: Ton van Zantvoort / music by: Roy Bemelmans / music extra: Magnus Jarlbo / soundmix: Klevr Sounddesign / translation: Tineke Rutten, Annet van der Leeuw, Meena Karimi / co-production: Stichting TEEK / financial support: NCDO, BKKC / production: Wouter Verhoeven

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